A kindergarten is an informal kind of schooling for very young children where they learn things through play – way activities.

            A school or class for young children usually four to six years old that prepares them for first grade, develops basic skills and social behaviour through games, exercises, music, simple handicrafts etc.,

NMHSS help the children to embark on the journey of LIFE LONG LEARNING and lays a solid foundation for academic and social development.


  • Happily coming and going cheerfully.
  • Playing Fun games.
  • Ask more questions, creating inquisitiveness.
  • To write in correct strokes.
  • About cleanliness
  • Awareness about the surrounding
  • Teach them everything
  • Respect elders.
  • Taking care of their belongings.

Head Of the Department


M.Sc., B.Ed.,

Mrs.S.Uchinimagali is a post graduate in Mathematics and holds bechelor degree in education.She is a person who is handling the kinder-garten children in lovable manner. Each and every child’s behaviour is observed by her very keenly to improve them. She has lot of patience and determination to develop her team of teachers, to enhance the knowledge of the KG Children.

Our Programmes:

            Our Programmes are designed to help the tiny tots to learn and enhance life skills needed to succeed in school and beyond in their life. The curriculum is full of activities, musical experiences, language learning and a healthy mix of indoor exploration and outdoor play. Our educators take great care of your child and make them feel homely in pre-school surroundings.

            Doing independent learning, creative thinking and excellent communication skills bold enough to speak, mingle with society to succeed in tomorrow’s challenges.


            A kindergarten teacher has to shoulder a lot of responsibilities, who is a real mentor for the young buds to bloom and to mould their minds very carefully with love and affection. Each and every teacher of this section socialize their children in activities like sharing, doing team and individual learning from what ever they see in and around them. Any teacher who teaches young blooming buds – make them understand the basic skills like identification of any thing, recognizing letters, numbers developing listening, reasoning, self awareness, creative skills fun in playing games etc.,


            Every kindergarten teacher – plays an important role in assessing each and every child’s behaviour, manners, development of motor skills, achievement of the child on test scores.

 Kindergarten teaching:

            It is an interesting, interactive and funfilled learning. Through rhymes the children are boosted up. The early langauge development handwriting ensures the children to tune their motor skills. Mathematics activities help children make sense of the world through basic reasoning and logical thinking.

            Story – telling builds the skills of learning to read individually. Art and craft encourages creativity to express their new avenues and to appreciate various perspectivies.

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Initiatives are set up in the system to implement modern updates and corrections in implanting quality education with the latest technique and upgrading the infrastructure to accelerate progress towards quality universal standards of education.

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