“Math can be related to our lives it teaches us to always be careful with the signs.”



Our Mission is to excel students in mathematics and to develop the ability to transfer the mathematical concepts through activities

Head Of the Department

Mrs.N.Nagalakshmi, B.Ed

Mrs.N.Nagalakshmi is a post gradution in mathematics and holds bachelor degree in education. She is an able person to solve even extremely complicated problem with solution. Her logical thinking helps in deduction and induction of accuracy in the department with the help of primary head Mrs.N.Florina Antonio who also is a post graduate in mathematics and a graduate in education.

Primary Head

Mrs.N.Florina Antonio

M.Sc., B.Ed., PGDCA


Training Programmed:

The Department of Mathematics conducts many workshops and seminars to update the skills of the teachers.

Students Activites:

Maths to be enjoyed and learnt. So the students are encouraged to learn the mathematical concept viz (puzzles, Quiz, Skits, songs, dance and exhibition etc.

      “Strong motivation leads to better learning”  the motivational activites are “Hey math maths expo and smart mathecs etc.

      *Our main aim is to trigger their logical reasoning and critical thinking among the students to face competitive examinations such as IIT, JEE etc.

Enlight your Future

Initiatives are set up in the system to implement modern updates and corrections in implanting quality education with the latest technique and upgrading the infrastructure to accelerate progress towards quality universal standards of education.

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