Mrs. D.Pramila



I am the Principal of NMHSS posses a long career in this esteemed institution since its inception in the year 1999 as a teacher, as incharge – teacher, as Principal – incharge and now for the past seven years i have been serving as a principal. I am blessed travelling along the flourishing institution.

I feel proud of its extensive infrastructure; increased strength of staff members and students. Our school functions in an orderly manner under the governance of our founder Sri Neelan an eminent scholar, ideal orator and writer of many books. Sri Neelan Arasu, Correspondnet, beloved sons of Sri Neelan administrating the institution. He establishes himself as a true make changes in educational programmed to develop the institution. Smt Padmaja, our Sr.Principal an exemplary curriculum planner who is an expert source of knowledge monitors the activities of teachers. Students learning system; the team continues with Principal; HRO HODS; Block – Incharges and other incharges for the smooth running of this institution.

According to Albert Einsein’s quote – “Education is not ht elearning of facts, but the training of the mind to think”

Our school moto is to inspire children providing flawless education, guiding for extensive learning to aquire immense knowledge to enhance one’s overall personality.

Apart from five subjects we engage children in co-curricular and extra – curricular activities to unfold their inherent talents.

We follow a unique system of teaching – learning process to ensure listening, reading writing and speaking skills. In these learning process, very highlighted one is handwriting – “Italic Script”.

Through these teaching methodology, we facilitate our prime aim of training the children to posses certain skills such as communication skill to face the society confidently, standing on their own and not depending on others; creative skill to think at greater heights as it leads to an expansion of imagination; time management skill, the importance of being punctural, to learn allocating themselves in various activities apart from studies like for friendship; fun; physical exercise healthy feeding; happy moments with parents and family members to bring out positive emotional bondage. Being flexible to handle things; decision making skill, if situation arises; critical thinking to solve amicably the task. Working together to bring out team spirit. Social and ethic activities to build healthy environement.

This school has seen many glorious moments. So far from 2000 – 2018, we have sent eighteen batches of X Std students with 100% pass result and with distinction  consecutively. Our school also adorn the name and fame showing continous success. Selvi B.Druga achieved a life time success in X Std, in the year 2012-13 securing State Second Rank and District First Rank; in 2013 -14 Selvi B.Swetha secured State Fourth Rank and District Second Rank; in the year 2014-15. Selvi. M.Sakthipriya State forth and District Second Rank and the victory continues.

We have a set of knowledgeable lovable and caring teachers who could easily adapt to our system of learning environment and extend the same in the calss – room, there the children feel comfortable, showing interest on progressive learning even their behaviours are also tuned well due to such approachable teachers.

Our parents are in the significant role for the successful advent of the school. They have clear thought and broad view about the function of the school ensure their satisfaction extending, co-operation for the betterment of theri children. Their positive approach influences the children in their academics and on over all attitudes.

Apart from these wings we have many good hearts and well wishers around the school who always shower positive energy to go ahead enthusiastically.

School – home have commitments to produce responsible children to meet the change and challenges of the world.

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Initiatives are set up in the system to implement modern updates and corrections in implanting quality education with the latest technique and upgrading the infrastructure to accelerate progress towards quality universal standards of education.

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