Department of Science


Life in science” and science in life’ science will reveal the unrevealing truth of life

Science is the system of systematic knowledge based on facts and human experience

“Science knows no country
Because knowledge
Belongs to humanity
And it is the torch to
Illuminate the world”

-Louis Pasteur                        

Head Of the Department

Mrs.L.Mary Preetha


The school concentrates on meaningful learning process. So it imparts a conventional method called “Activity based learning” which creates interest among the students to involve in learning science concepts

The main objective of teaching science in High School

The School makes the students understand the concepts based science in our fundamantal daily life. The school engages the children in learning new facts.  The School has the best designed spacious, well equipped and safe laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and biology. Our lab has the most modern apparatus which help the students to apply their learning concepts practically and hence forth prove hypothetically.
We have unlimited access to interactive softwares, smart boards, science teaching tools such as videoclips, models topic resources and posters.

Enlight your Future

Initiatives are set up in the system to implement modern updates and corrections in implanting quality education with the latest technique and upgrading the infrastructure to accelerate progress towards quality universal standards of education.

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