MONDAY & FRIDAY                                 –  Shirt – House colour

                                                                            Half Pant – White (KG to V Std)

                                                                            Full Pant – White ( VI to X Std)

                                                                            Shoes & Socks – White Canvas & White Socks.

Tuesday to Thursday                               – Regular Uniform

                                                                           Black Socks with Black shoe.


MONDAY & FRIDAY                                     – Shirt & Ribbon – House Colour

                                                                          Pinofore – White (KG to V std)

                                                                          Chudidar Top – House Colour (VI Std to X Std)

                                                                          Chudidar Pant – White (VI Std to X Std)

                                                                          Shoes & Socks – White Canvas & White Socks.

Tuesday to Thursday                                  – Regular Uniform & Black Ribbon

                                                                           White Socks with black Buckle shoe.


To promote healthy competition among the students in curricular and cocurricular activities of the school and also foster such Qualities as loyalty and leadership, the whole school is divided into 4 grops, namely Angel House, Angelo House, Gorretty House and Bosco House.

The Houses have their distinct colours and their own mottos.

  • ANGELO HOUSE – “YELLOW” To be guiding lights of knowledge
  • ANGEL HOUSE – “RED” To give charity and love
  • GORRETTY HOUSE – “BLUE” To be united and friendship
  • BOSCO HOUSE – “GREEN” To be torch bearer of character


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