To Encourage and Promote basic education and to train students to compete and shine in contributing towards to global development

Neelan School

Neelan is a co-educational institution ably run by the Neelan educational trust(Regd.) with the guidance from the experienced principaland a team of qualifiedteachers. The school is recognized by the state government and it adopts the syllabus prescribed by the Tamilnadu board of Matriculation schools.English is the medium of instruction. Tamil and Hindi are also taught.


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Founder’s message

Dear parents welcome to Neelan Group of Schools.

My goal to build a nation where no individual is suppressed in name of caste / religion / money and the only way to achieve it is to educate.  And only when all are educated these obstacles can be overcome at ease, which enables to lead a successful and self-content life, by being sufficient for one’s self, to one’s family and to the nation.   

My desire to educate all, persuaded me to establish an educational trust, schools with all necessary infrastructure enfolding ample space to grasp tomorrow’s technology.

Being a veteran for 3 generations of education –  right from Guru Shishya, the Convents and the latest schooling, which is so fast and changing every minute, I feel equipping our child to face tomorrow’s world is much essential. This is possible only in a school which adds both physical and intellectual activities, moral values along with academics. The role of a teacher in shaping the future of students is vital. A teacher is the friend, the philosopher and the guide of students. This the students enjoys only in the school

I am more attached towards Tamil, it being my mother though but when it comes to attaining higher standard in life it is better to get well versed in a common global language i.e. English, this brings more confidence in competing globally which also gives more opportunities and growth options.

Thus molded a mission in my life to bring high quality education with the latest technology available and affordable to common people giving an opportunity to our younger generations to face tomorrow’s world at ease.  



Mr. Neelan Arasu

Get your Children Future Bright


MONDAY – FRIDAY  8.30 AM – 3.30 PM

Education to All

Facilitate each child and youngster to attain educational achievement to the best of their potential and encourage the development of determination, confidence, creative and critical thinking, good social skills and the ability to form good relationships in all aspect of life.

Enlight your Future

Initiatives are set up in the system to implement modern updates and corrections in implanting quality education with the latest technique and upgrading the infrastructure to accelerate progress towards quality universal standards of education.

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